We Told Chastity Bono to get a SEX CHANGE!

If there is one thing we hate is someone who says "I told you so." However, we feel that we must do this.
You probably heard by now that Chastity Bono, daughter of superstar Cher, will be getting a sex change in order to get around the whole issue of gay marriage.
It seems Chastity's has been reading our site since a few months ago we had suggested people start getting sex changes  in order to get around the ridiculous law that does not allow gays to marry.

I wonder if Chastity and her future wife will be having kids...do they already?

To celebrate Chastity's new journey we pulled out this little nugget where Amnesia and Dan Olson sing Cher and Peter Cetera's classic song "After All"

If you visit this site often you know that it's not the first time we posted this tragic number, but what can we say, we love the Cher torture. Plus, Dan Olson, has such great talent...well, someone in the video has to have talent and we all know it's not Amnesia.



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