Saturday, June 6, 2009

Week in Rewind #22

Here is the week in rewind.

- We started the week with a HALF NAKED ARTSY VIDEO.

- Then we answered a very important question as to what to do when YOU like someone more than they like you. FUNNY VIDEO

- We also shared with you some FAN MAIL and a very SEXY photo

- We visited the hot world of SHIRTLESS MALE MODEL Reid Prebenda.

- We brought you a fantastic Hawaiian inspired MAKE-UP TUTORIAL by the very cute and talented JOSH

- Celebrated the fact that our video THE TRANSFORMATION has reached half a million views and 1600 of you wonderful peeps have subscribed to our YouTube channel. Also mentioned a new GIVEAWAY

- Have you ever felt like and ALIEN. We explore those thoughts in this entry

- We announced that We will be transforming one lucky guy in season two of the Gender Fun video series. Check it out click HERE