Sunday, June 14, 2009

Week in Rewind #23

- We started the week with a viewer mail which bitch slapped us for using the term "African-American" inappropriately. Read what we had to say in return. click HERE

- We brought you hot new promo photos we took of singer/songwriter Matthew Frost!!!

- We asked you When do you feel most alive?

- A random video filled with fun silly moments in our lives. Did you catch baby HITLER MANSON!! He is a star!

- We shared a fun fun video from a Japanese game show where they turn boys into girls!!!! Such sexy silly fun!!!

- We brought you a glimpse into some random moments from our past.

- We shared a new Soce track which has Amnesia singing backup. It is hot of the press!!! A must listen

- Chastity Bono follows our lead and is becoming a man!!!! Read all about it HERE