Imagine each and every one of your feelings (emotions) as an actual house. You have the house of anger, the house of fear, joy, gratitude, love, longing, insecurity, confidence, silliness, sexiness, etc. Imagine yourself walking into the house of sexiness. You immediately notice the red fire walls, the warmth, the rush of blood, and that sweet tingly sensation running all through your hair. Now, imagine making that house your home.

Making the house of sexiness your home is not something most people do. Why? The short answer would be, because most people reside in the house of fear. And it seems the house of fear is either keeping to himself or starting a war. When you think about it it's hard to win a war if you are too busy feeling sexy wouldn't you say? Sex after all, can lead to procreation and war in it's nature is designed to kill off the opponent.

What about the female praying mantis eating the male praying mantis during the mating process you ask? Isn't that an example in nature were sex and procreation lead to the destruction of another creature? To that I say, that male praying mantis had it coming. He mounted the female praying mantis without taking her out for dinner first? Of course she's going to be so hungry after sex that she's going to eat his ass. But I digress.

My point is. Imagine if that male praying mantis lived in the House of FEAR. A lot of us, at one point or another, lock ourselves inside the House of FEAR. We shut the blinds and wait to die. Then we turn on the television or we log on to the internet and see that some people out there don't live in FEAR. How can this be? How can some people be so fearless?

The first step in living without fear is the same realization that male praying mantis must have had after mating - and that is: We are all protein and there will always be someone out there who wants to eat us alive. But THAT realization should not stop you from FUCKING THEM GOOD FIRST.

The holiday named Thanksgiving will take place this week in the USA. This would be a great time to make the House of Gratitude your home... even if it's a temporary home, it's a nice place to be.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Now EAT ME!!! ;-)

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