Monday, March 29, 2010


Hi there again!
Its one of your biggest fans from north of the border, Bradley.
I just thought I'd submit some photos from a great fetish costume weekend I attended this labour day weekend with friends of mine.
Its an annual event called the Montreal Fetish Weekend. It takes place over four days and nights and is essentially one non stop party!
My friends and I are from southern Ontario, but we make the trek to Quebec each year to attend this fantastic event.

I love and always come away with a big smile.
You guys do a great job!

Warmly, B.

Nurse Bradley in Montreal.


Dear Nurse Bradley,

YOU ROCK OUR WORLD!!!!! WE LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos!!! You look amazing and you can tell the day was filled with love, smiles, and life.

thank you for sharing your beautiful photos with us.

big big hugs!

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