Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Out of Africa!

Today's viewer mail comes from AFRICA!!!!??????? I've known two people that have visited the continent but I didn't know Amnesia had a fan there.

the email reads as follows.

Hi Amnesia
I LOVE LOVE LOVE your channel and you are gorgeous(duh you know) I stumbled upon you…uh your channel…while looking at makeup vids on Youtube. I also checked your site out and thought I’ll send you a photo of me in drag. I live in deepest darkest Africa…well quite sunny actually…
Namibia Yup you guessed it another country where it’s illegal to be gay, but what the hell at least we don’t get prosecuted.

I hope to come to the US next year for my MFA, if my scholarship stuff can be sorted out, and hope to see you around. On the photo: me in the middle some gypsy(girl) and Jacky O(girl) at a tramps b-day.

Have a fantastic day and keep on doin.


Uwana Suq

We've covered their faces just in case for safety reasons. Although you can't see their faces take our word for it, Jacques is one sexy sexy beast!!!!!!

Dear Jacques,
I just want to say that it's people like you that give hope to the world. Here you are dressing up in a country where it is illegal to be gay. It just goes to show you how resilient we are as a people. You keep doing your thing! And follow what's in your heart.
You are absolutely beautiful!!!

thank you so much for writing!
big hugs and see you when you get to the states.