Ultimate Happy!!!

Extra Extra! This just in. My friend's short film will be screening this week (details above). Please come out if you are interested in watching a fascinating short film that will give you a look into the Circuit Party Scene. It's filled with drama, drugs, sex and the pursuit of happiness. Makes the Real Housewives of New Jersey look like a kids show.

We helped him out by doing some body makeup on some of the hot cast members as seen in the video below.

We also took some promo shots (above) and behind the scene photography as seen below

Oh and the kicker: we make a cameo in one of the scenes as a bitchy makeup artist. lol You can't miss that.

If you would like to say hi to us we'll be attending the launch party @ The Ritz this April 29th @ 10pm. details above. Swing by and say hi. Hope to see you there.

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