Best Comedy Writers EVER!

We are proud to be friends on Facebook with some of the best comedy writers around!!! Lately we've been getting fantastically funny material from our friends every time we post an update on Facebook!!!

They cross the line just right!

Yesterday we had the honor to attend our dear friend's graduation from medical school!!! HE IS NOW A DOCTOR YAY!!! A once in a lifetime experience for him. One of the guest speakers was non other than President Bill Clinton! (photo above). President Clinton spoke of how we (humans) are all 99.4 percent biologically the same and it is terribly silly to focus our energy on the 0.6 percent that makes us seem different.

I liked the message but I would have loved it more if I didn't know that it was during his administration that the horrible "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy was signed into action. Setting that aside, I updated my facebook status and our dear friends delivered the LOLs (see below)

We are so happy to know folks that have such wonderful humor.

They brighten our day every time!


"cigar roller from Nicaragua" lol

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