Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ronnie Kroell and WOOD, Driftwood that is!

The first images from former "Make Me a Supermodelmodel" Ronnie Kroell’s shoot for Playgirl have been posted online. The rest of Kroell’s shoot is expected at in June.

We've not met Ronnie in person but he seems cute, hot, sexy, and down to earth. Here he is telling his coming out story to someone we have met in person Nathan Manske.

Nathan started when he got laid off from his job, as mentioned in this Advocate interview. Talk about making lemonade.

(We took the above photo of Nathan at our party back in May 2008. He's super cute)

Nathan is on a mission. A mission we super support! He is going all across this great land to get YOUR STORIES!!!! Learn more click video.