Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Today's viewer mail comes from Lauren. She writes:

hey amnesia/adrian,
I'm a big fan of your videos on youtube and think the genderfun site is great.
I'm trying to improve my fem look and I wanted to know if you could offer some tips for how to get a more curvaceous body shape happening because you make it look so easy!
Do you use any hip/butt padding? Or just a corset? Perhaps you could suggest some particular products that you recommend?
I hope by writing this I'm not asking you to break any secret drag code! Just hoping for some friendly advice.

Well, Lauren we will share some of our secrets but shhh, don't tell anyone ok?

Here is what we've used in the past.

Four Pad Girdle Panty

To order click HERE

and also

Ultimate Waist Cincher Plus

To order click HERE

The waist Cincher is not the best quality but it is pretty low cost compared to some corsets out there. However the Four Pad Girdle is fantastic. it gives you a little something extra in the back AND it adds a few inches to your hips as well.

We filmed the following video while we tried on these two items and a new red dress that had been given to us by our mother. As you can see the results is curves curves curves.

Let me know if you end up purchasing these items and how you like them.

If you're not shy then send us pics and we will post them on here.

Have fun dear Lauren!!

Thanks for writing to us.