Getting Some Work Done with Miss Rivers

Yesterday we saw "Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work".


Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work takes the audience on a year long ride with legendary comedian Joan Rivers in her 76th year of life. Peeling away the mask of an iconic comedian and exposing the struggles, sacrifices and joy of living life as a ground breaking female performer. The film is an emotionally surprising and revealing portrait of one the most hilarious and long-standing career women ever in the business.

After the film was over, the lights came up and out came the directors of the film for a Q&A. The vibe was a little odd. It's hard to explain. It kind of felt like when there is a group of people talking about you and then all of the sudden everyone gets quiet as soon as you enter the room.

We walked out having mixed feelings about the film. On one hand we have a great deal of respect for Miss Rivers and we admire here perseverance. On the other hand the light in which she is shown in this film makes her come across as an artist who is never satisfied with life. At times she seems to be terribly critical of herself, a perfectionist. It is this quality that perhaps makes here even more endearing, her constant need to improve herself - especially in her mid 70s.

We strongly recommend you watch this film

(NYC: Me and Joan Aug 2009 after her stand up show)

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