Name Your Vagina!!!

Here's an excerpt from the book we are writing. As you can tell, it's going to be a very deep book ;-)
This is Amnesia talking about what else but vaginas.

Consuelo is the nickname I give vaginas sometimes. There is nothing wrong or shameful about using the word vagina. It’s just that when I think of the name “Consuelo” I think of a small, hardworking, sometimes carrying a funny odor, lady who is soft and gentle but is not afraid to get tough on you. Of course you yourself would probably named your vagina something perhaps a little more sophisticated such as Isabella, Victoria, Elizabeth, Catherina, Annabelle, Alexandria, etc. That’s fine if your vagina drinks nothing but bottled water and Champaign. However some vaginas, such as Consuelo, are simply happy with a six pack and some tortillas.

Naming ones own vagina is one thing but to name your mother’s vagina can bring a person to the verge of a nervous break down. How do you put a name to a place you’ve only visited once? Especially since chances of remembering said place are close to none. It’s one of those places you are grateful to have visited but to which you would never want a return ticket. Even if all accommodations were included.

When I asked Adrian if he had given a name to his mother’s vagina he took a minute or so and arrived at...

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