Taylor Mac for the Win

We are truly honored. We found out today that we are one of the finalist in the Next Magazine Photo Contest. One of our photos will appear in Next Magazine in the June 25th issue and also in the finalists gallery show.

Next Magazine’s Photo Contest finalist gallery show will take place on Tuesday, June 22 at the Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation in Soho. Please feel free to invite friends and supporters for the announcement of the Grand Prize winner.

To RSVP click HERE

The photo that will be displayed (above) is one we took last year during The Invasion of the Pines

The colorful subject in the photo is the very talented award winning artist Taylor Mac.

We met Taylor that day, and even though we only said hi to him (our shyness got the best of us that day) we could tell he is a kind soul.

Check out these two delightful and creative videos of Taylor.

If you live in NYC we hope you can come celebrate Pride with us next Tuesday the 22nd. To RSVP click HERE

UPDATE: We didn't win but we did get a nifty certificate with our name on it and they blew up the above photo to 30x24. it felt really nice to see our work in a gallery for the first time.

Uhm, we did get a little sloppy though. stupid open bar always gets us ;-)
thanks to everyone that came out to support us. we love you all. mwuah

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