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Adrian L Acosta and Amnesia Sparkles

Some of our past work. It would be awesome if someone could add this to wikipedia some day ;-)


- Television -

American Idol - DVD Footage
HERE TV - Feature
LOGO - New Now Next

- Collaboration -

Dan Olson - Actor/Singer song "After All"
David Choi - Singer/Song Writer song "DChoi"
Deryck Todd - Fashion Designer/Creator of BowieBall
Francis Lagaret - Personal Trainer
Fritz Donnelly- Writer/Performer
Michael Buckley - Host of The What the Buck Show
No Subordination - Finalist in Fortune Magazine Battle of the Corporate Bands
Soce - Rapper song "Looking Back"
Soce - Rapper song "Searching"
Willy Fly - Musician song "Crazy"
The Resident - Reporter


- Interviews -

Daryck Monroe - Dancer
Deryck Todd - Fashion Designer/Creator of BowieBall
Kevin Aviance - Singer/Song writer
Rupaul - Actor/Singer
Soce - Rapper

Writer/Performer - Skits

Tiger Woods Parody
Britney Spears: This one's 4 U
Penis: Do U Have 1?
Amnesia on the Oscars

Writer/Performer -



- Interviews -

Artimis, Violet Temper, and Rainblo- NYC Drag Queens
Dj Aaron Elvis & DJ Mar'C - NYC DJs
Dolly Parton - Singer/Songwriter/Actor
Jim Verraros - Actor/Singer
Kevin Aviance - Singer/Song writer
Linda Simpson - NYC Drag Queen
Marc M. - Creator of
Perez Hilton - Celebrity Blogger/Writer
Qboy - Rapper

Writer/Performer - Skits

Anna Nicole Smith
Dr Phil
Michael Jackson
Paula Abdul

- Amnesia Radio -

Amnesia In Da Ghetto - Amnesia puts off doing Sunday chores and finds Elvis.
NYC Adventures - Amnesia name drops left and right. Listen to her adventures in NYC.
Not My Bag, Lady! - Story about a poor lady and body trouble
What is Love? - Amnesia gets semi-serious about LOVE!
Smoking in the Girls Room - Bathroom ramblings over a smoke.
Taxi Cab Confession & Miss Cleo - Paki Cabbie story and a call to Miss Cleao!


- Interviews -

David Choi - Singer/Song writer
Dolly Parton - Singer/Songwriter/Actor
Jim Verraros - Actor/Singer
Shequida - Singer

- Articles -

"Lgbt Identity and Online New Media." by Christopher Pullen & Margaret Cooper

- Awards -

- Clients -

Next Magazine

- Photojournalism -

Ultimate Happy - Film 2010
"They Call Me" by Soce - Music Video 2009
Roof Top - Deryck Todd Fashion Shoot 2009
Bowieball - Model Casting Call 2009
Invasion of the Pines - Fire Island, NY 2009
Out Music Awards - Red Carpet 2009
Lester Greene - Music Video 2009
Francks Francois Deceus - Artist Profile Shoot 2009
Sherry Vine - Music Video 2008
Day of Silence - NYC 2008
Faces- Party People 2008
Killer Headline - Film 2008
The Word Game- Nightlife Experiment 2006

- Album Covers -

Matthew Frost - Cover 1
Matthew Frost - Cover 2
Adrian Acosta - Misc

- Portraits -

Adrian & Amnesia
Amnesia Sparkles
Brad Walsh
Chastity Lovely
Daryck Monroe
Davidian Shaw
Deryck Todd
Fallen Angel
Flower Child
Ian Marszalek
Jackie beat
Jason Beckwith
Jennifer Rapp
Josh Carpenter
Kirsten Benjamin
Lady Bunny
Lester Greene
Matthew Frost
Michael Galvan
Nathan Manske
The Rhythm Method
Ryan Petrucelli
Sam Hatmaker
School Boys
Sherry Vine
Sophia Lamar
Stephen Lin
The Stemms
Taylor Mac
Trisha Hodges
Violet Temper
Will & Will
Yoav Schlezinger


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