We LOVE Mike Diamond!

Last week while at the NEXT Magazine Pride Photo contest we got to chat off camera with the fab Mike Diamond! I was a nervous wreck when he asked if I wanted to be interviewed. I politely declined being that I had already had a few free drinks from the bar and I knew it would end up a messy interview.

Somehow we got on the topic of had fabulous I thought mister Diamond is. When I like someone I REALLY LIKE SOMEONE and I just can't hide it. He then said something that I've heard before but that I really needed to hear THAT particular night. To paraphrase he said "as you get older you care less of what people think of you. Other people's opinion of you is none of your business."

How true those words... even though there I was being judged by my work as one of the top ten finalists of the photo contest.

Still, I knew what he meant. Basically, whether we won or not wasn't really the important part but the fact that we were there being part of something bigger than ourselves.

And that is simply why we love us some Mike Diamond. That sassy queen knows how to work any room and our hearts! Watch the above video. Mike KILLS as usual.

I also strongly recommend the following video where Mike brings you the latest statistics on where in the world you can find the biggest and smallest penises. click HERE

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