Book Club

The above photo was taken and sent to us by one of our dear viewers from Mexico City. As you can see the viewer got a copy of the book "LGBT Identity and Online New Media" which is on his desk on the right hand side.

Our work is mentioned and displayed in this book.

There are many reasons why I love this photo.

1) I love the bookshelf. I love books.
2) Cute lamp
3) I'm on the monitor? lol nice.
4) Viewer got the LGBT Identity and and Online New Media book (thank you)
5) most importantly I love the fact that the viewer took time from his schedule to not only take this photo but to email it to me.


FYI -The chapter that has my photos in it is very sad :-( But it does have a glimpse of hope I think.

Thank you so much for emailing me this photo and for getting a copy of the book

big hugs to you

If you would like to get a copy please click HERE

btw - we asked the viewer if we could post the above photo and he replied with:

"Of course you can post the photo. But only with one requirement.
Can you pls email me back an attached photo of you next to your screen with my photo??LOL"

I'm sure he was joking but every joke is 50% true. so we simply had to oblige

big hugs

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