Crossdressing Comedy

There aren't that many crossdressing comedians when you think about it. Sure, you have your small town drag queen but when was the last time you saw a straight man, in women's clothing do an act on crossdressing. Well, there was the amazing Eddie Izzard but I don't think he's done stand up in a while.

Enter Jessica De Leon, a straight, married crossdressing firecracker of a man with the comedic timing of some of the best such as Ellen Degeneres, and Jim Carrey. Well, maybe not that great but this girls got a great smile.

She takes crossdressing humor to new heights. Well, if you're high off your mind. Just kidding. You can enjoy her comedy sober as well... but you might want to light up just in case ;-)

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ps - Jessica, we too loved the movie Howard the Duck when we were growing up.

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