Last night we had a full moon over New York City. The temperature was wonderful. It felt like a magical summer night.

We ventured out to our friend Raff's new apartment on 43rd street and 8th Ave to experience for the first time what we were told was a spectacular new show on LOGO called Rupaul's "Drag U."

The premise of the show is basically taking women that have lost their groove and giving it back to them by turning them into Drag Queens!!! Women finding their inner DIVA!!! That's a show!!!

On our way to Raff's we swung by to purchase a sweet treat. Amazing cupcakes from Crumbs Bake Shop ! We were running late so we pulled a classic Carrie Bradshaw Sex in the City running down 42nd street bit. Minus the high heals though. Out of breath we made it to Crumbs literally 5 minutes before they closed. The sweet and sexy black young man behind the counter looked at me with that look that said "this cracker must have a serious case of the munchies."

A little flirting ensued, paid for four delicious looking cup cakes, and walked out on cloud nine as they turned off the lights.

Raff wasn't home yet so I had a little bit of time to kill. I sat for 15 minutes waiting in Times Square. I've been living in New York City since Oct 2002 and NEVER have I sat down in Time Square. I usually try to avoid TS like the plague. It's a circus!!! But last night was the perfect night to take in the Time Square energy.

Watching all the happy foreign faces around me reminded me of my first year in NYC. Without me even realizing it I was getting my own city groove back.

The TV show was fantastic. The company with friends even better. I came home with a big smile on my face feeling as if I had just arrived in the big apple.

Today we visited the website where you upload a photo of yourself and you turn yourself into your own Drag Queen creation.

Below is the beautiful and hilarious disaster we came up with using the Dragulator. I've named her Pink-E-Pill Poppers! HA!

Original photo

Pink-E-Pill Poppers

We've not felt this good since last year when we had the honor to interview the lovely and talented Rupaul.

Make sure to convert yourself into a diva drag queen today using the Dragulator and get your groove back!

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