Sweet Hailey Marie

We absolutely love getting viewer mail. They give us so much hope. Our viewers go through some rough times, but I would say we got some of the toughest most determined viewers anywhere. Don't mess with a GF Viewer! We got "balls."

Take Hailey for example. She emailed us a bit worried but we get the feeling she is going to kick some ass in the up coming years.

Hello Ms. Amnesia, my name is Hailey Marie Hendershot, and i am a soon-to-be female transgender. life has been a little hard for me, and i stumbled upon your channel on youtube. I am nervous about how life is going to play out for me, and i was wondering if you could help me with some advice. thank you =^-^+

Hi Hailey,

usually it takes me a while to write back but you caught me at the right time.

congratulations on your journey. I don't know the details of your past but it seems like you know where you are headed. knowing what changes you want to make in your life is sometimes the hardest thing to conjure. sometimes people live many decades before they figure out what they want to do with their lives. you deciding to go through your transformation is one step ahead of many.

like most goals, it may not be easy and you'll learn a lot about yourself along the way. but don't be afraid. try to make the best out of every situation.

most importantly have a support group near you. either friends, family, or a community group that can help you along your journey. I'm not sure where you live but here is a good place to start

also, look for transgender support groups in your area.

there will be times when you feel like the walls may be closing in on you but remember that every room has a door. and that door leads to a friend that will be there to listen to your troubles.

it's ok to be nervous but try to take that nervous energy and turn it into excitement.
there is a whole transgender world out there believe it or not. we are not used to seeing it on TV or Film but trust me there are millions of transgender folk all around the world and MANY millions that live happy lives.

thanks for writing and I hope I didn't go over board with my email.

ps - here's a great link to keep in mind http://iamtransgendered.com/SupportGroups.aspx

Hailey wrote back saying:

Thank you so much! lol. i am 18 and live in Edmond Oklahoma. i wish i could meet you in person! that would be amazing, but you wouldn't waste your time meeting little me here. lol. But i thank you for your generous advice. lol ...

...i haven't had the surgery yet XD
i still need to save money for it, but that is a long way off. thank you again!
-Hailey Marie

Hailey, when you come visit NYC in the future it will be my honor to have a cup of tea with you and chat about your journey.
take care and keep your spirits high.
big big hugs little sis

If you have any advice for Hailey or words of encouragement please leave them in the comments below.

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