Party at the JCC!

We just came back from attending the Jeffery and Cole Casserole Season 2 Screening Party. The boys looked cute. Cole promised himself he wasn't going to drink but oops, he cheated. It's good thing he didn't promise to not do crystal meth cause that queen was knee deep in meth and dicks. JK, just dicks.

We got to see the first episode of the second season that will premier this Friday on LOGO. We won't give anything away but Jeffery and Cole finally get intimate in a bathroom scene. Oh yeah, I would say that was the "climax" of the first episode.

There were some dry jokes, and a few rough transitions but they seemed to be part of their low budget style. Like really low budget. Like so low budget Jeffery had to get naked on top of the bar tonight to get donations. JK again, he had socks on. They were very nice socks

If you are home this Friday night with a case of the munchies may we suggest you check out Jeffery and Cole Casserol. You'll be sorry you did... in a good way of course ;-)

Here is our favorite J&C video to date. Just love that Cole.

ps - There is a rumor that Amnesia's people are in talks with the producers of Jeffery and Cole Casserol. They are trying to get her on the show. I think they are still negotiating the size of her trailer. we'll see what happens.

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