Wonder No More

Today seemed like the internet was exploding with opinions over the NEW Wonder Woman costume. Seems many are not happy with the new look (above). The jacket is a no-no. We say Jacket OFF!!! Not jacket on, but jack-et off!!

Natalia on FB suggested to us WW wear boots. We agree.

but the opinion that really matters to us is that of co-creator of the hilarious site www.ThatBurningSensation.com Mister Sam Hatmaker. Here is his quick fix. " Still not great, but better than what it is" says Sam via FB.

Sam would know, he is after all THE number one WW Fan!!

just check him out in this video.


(We took the above photo of Sam at our party back in May 2008. Yeah we are bragging that we know him, you would too if you knew him. Love that intensity in the eyes)

We love us some Sam Hatmaker. Sam has taught us a thing or two over the years but none more important then HOW TO TEXT AT A BAR. Watch this hysterical vid and feel free to swing by www.ThatBurningSensation.com. Tell him I sent ya.

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