Are U Man Enough to Be a Lady?

We usually love Bryan Safi (host above). The guy is funny but in the above clip he seems to point out that advertisers are using masculine stereotypes to sell their brands. Which they are; However, Bryan takes the leap, or I should say triple salchow, in equating an ad being anti masculine with being anti gay (part of the message in the ads).

I can see how one would think that if you are not masculine you might be thought of as being gay but to talk discouragingly about "sissy men" is to say that FEMALES are less than men. It's not the gays that are under attack but Femininity. For if one is lacking masculinity then he surly must have more Feminine attributes.

To that I say, SO WHAT IF SOME MEN ARE NATURALLY MORE FEMININE? Where is the harm in that? Clearly the advertisers are trying to sell a product to "manly men" and not "sissy boys" and that's cool. They can target any group they want BUT must it be at the expense of FEMININITY?

Now, if those same companies have similar ads to counter balance their offense to femininity then all is well. If not, they might find interesting the fact that according to the 2000 Census there is an estimated 9,124,198 Genetic Males cross dressing as females in the United States [viaLight in the Closet]. That's right, OVER 9 MILLION SISSY MEN!!! I would say that is a lot of men they are alienating with these ads, not to mention the Feminists.

While you sip on that how about some photoshop magic where they turn tough men into sexy ladies. Just look at the tits one him, her, I mean...


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