Today we realized that we forgot to add the site meter counter after we changed the GenderFun design last week.
Since we never look at the counter we didn't realize how many hits GF was actually getting till just now.
Last month we almost passed the 10,000 hits mark! To us that's a lot of hits!
Which means someone other than our mom is reading this site.

We don't do this for the numbers. We do it because we believe someone somewhere might find this site useful. Or at the very least it will help you kill a few minutes while working in a cubicle.

We hope to keep providing you with the best we got. We have some great things planned for this site.

Thank you for taking time from your busy day to check in with us. We truly appreciate it.
It really makes us feel like we are all part of the same tribe!

thank you thank you thank you!
big big hugs
-Adrian & Amnesia

ps - as a big thank you here we are with our friend Bjorn making a fool of ourselves driving through the New Hampshire countryside while singing to a karaoke track of Nessum Dorma. It's a bit painful to listen to but it sure was some stupid fun. hugs.


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