Cat's are Drag Queens!

Our friend Mary-Ellen writes to us:

I think it is funny that boy and girl cats are totally into gender issue just like people.

I put flowers out today, and all the girls came over to smell them. The boys hit them.

When i put on make up the girls watch and purr, the boy ignore me.

When I cook, the boys are right there ready to eat. The girls ignore me then. I guess they are against tradition female roles.

When I clean, the girls get all happy and sit in the clean areas. The boys play in the pile of dirt I am sweeping up.

However, given any opportunity, boy cats will sit on anything pink they can find. Explain that one to me.

That's pretty funny. But we agree with Robin WIlliams, Cats can be big drag queens.

Mary-Ellen is a a certified TNR rescuer. That is Trap Neuter Release. It means she deals with the issue of cats who are wild/stray and not fixed. Her goal is to reduce the unwanted population caused by wild cats and help the wild cats live healthier lives and not be out of control.

She is an independent rescuer/foster mom for Louie's Legacy Animal Rescue, located in NYC and Ohio. She has special permission to reduce the adoption fee on the three cats currently in her care.

Mary-Ellen can help process the applications faster, just mention you heard about the kittens through us.

For the dog lovers, she has a few sick pups and there is a chip in going on. People donate for their care. Here is that link:

You can email her for more info at is a new site she is doing to promote animal rescue. She is looking for rescuers who want to contribute writing for the site.

You can also visit

If you like cats or you know anyone who does feel free to forward this post to them or post it on your FB by using the Facebook icon at the end of this post.

Look at the good we are doing!!

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