Falling to Your Death or Being Fat?

Straight guys are so cute, well, when they are not falling off roofs to their death.

Friday I found out some horrible news when I got to my bi-weekly physical therapy appointment. It turns out my physical therapist's 77 year old father FELL OFF THE ROOF to his DEATH! That pretty much put my weekend-to-be into perspective. I would not complain about a damn thing after hearing that.

Saturday after having lunch with the bf I started editing a promo video for Deryck Todd's Bowieball. I can't believe the next one is just two months away!!! I believe it will be 10-10-10! Hope you can make it. You got to come out and celebrate life because you never know when you're going to fall off a roof. I say don't fall off the roof, raise the roof instead. THE ROOF, THE ROOF, THE ROOF IS ON FIRE!!!!

Sunday I put down the crack pipe and worked on my book and also revamped the crap out of this site. "Orlando you like it? It's Autumn sunrise" - if you can guess the quote you get a prize.

Raf threw a house warming party and invited every fit and sexy Chelsea boy in town. The Gays were hot but the roommate's straight guy friends had the gays beat. At one point the straight guys, who had parked it on the couch, leaned in to Veronika, Raf's roommie, and with the biggest puppy eyes you've ever seen they said "How come no one is coming over here to talk to us?" Goes to show that not only girls like the attention but straight guys need a little attention from time to time even if it's from a gaggle of New York Queens.

Later, Deryck Todd came over to look at the Bowieball edit thus far. His pants crotch holes had been patched so nothing accidently popped out. Not that I would have minded except I would like to keep things professional between us.

As the weekend wrapped up I was thankful that I hadn't met my demise. I was grateful that even though I don't have any desire to be straight, that I got to spend a few minutes with "dudes." They are so enjoyable. It was great to see some friendly faces, do some fun video work, and most of all live in a time where you can not only get liposuction but you can also do the opposite. LOOK YA'll I put myself through the FAT BOOTH!!!

To be honest, I think I might actually look better fat then skinny. What do you think? Should I try getting some fat in me?
Hold the chubby chaser jokes please. I said FAT not Protein *wink*

Hope you too had a wonderful weekend.

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