Thursday, August 19, 2010

Franki, Beautiful Nails, and Glass of Wine!


Today's viewer mail is an inspiration AND she's got some lovely nails! No really, we LOVE her nails!!! Nothing like the feeling of holding a glass of wine with a beautiful manicure.

We are so honored to share with you Franki's story. Her story sure has quite the twists and turns. She's amazing!!!

Thank you Franki for sharing your light with us.
much love

My very dear Adrian and Amnesia,
I have been reading some of the stories on your site and am moved to tears by some of them. I have enjoyed so much your videos with both of you. I feel strongly about our younger 'sisters' and their problems, and my heart goes out to them, it really does. Perhaps because of my own story.

I am 63 years old, and have only within the past two years admitted, even to myself, exactly what I am. I am a bisexual crossdresser, and have been since childhood.
Please understand, when I was a youngster, being gay was a 'mental disorder', and the only references in our home to homosexuals were cruel jokes. I crawled into the closet, locked the door, and swallowed the key. For over fifty years that key gave me in
digestion, and I hated who and what I was.

I was kicked out of the navy in 1966, and subsequently went through three marriages trying to be a 'manly' man. Nineteen years ago I married for the fourth time, and several years later could no longer contain or live with my secret.
At what I felt was great risk I 'came out' to my wife and was answered with a wonderful love that I could not have imagined before then. I now dress however I want at home, and once a month or so, we visit a gay bar in town to watch the drag shows.
Please, let your audience know that it's OK for us older 'gurls' too.
Much love and kisses,


SHE'S AMAZING!!! And she keeps herself in great shape!!! Look at those legs!!! woot woot!!!