I Waited: I Love What I See!

Album Art: Adrian Acosta & Rosie Flinn

We LOVE the great power of collaborating. One of the things in life that gives us the biggest thrill is doing creative collaborations with talented peeps.

Take the above album cover for example by the lovely and talented Rosie Flinn. Super Cute right? Rosie took a drawing we did for Shelly Bort last year (seen below) and she took it the next level!!! We love what she did with it!

The love fest doesn't stop there. The CD is of a LIVE recording of a delightful evening of music by amazing singers all celebrating the music of one very talented Shelly Bort!

"Just Wait and See..." is a very special project to me" says Shelly
Whilst living in London for several months at the beginning of 2009, Shelly felt very isolated and alone. She started writing music.

In her words:

"Give me Love" was the first song I wrote, and that opened a floodgate of emotion. I couldn't stop writing. I moved back to the States and wrote about 28 songs in 2 months, and in late May of 2009, we performed the "show"... as it was. No set, no finished arrangements... just me and a bunch of my friends who graciously showed up to sing.

Since then, I have gone on to produce the show 3 more times with 3 different casts, and every time the people change- the songs change. And every time the songs change- the feeling changes. And every time the feel changes, I change. For the better.

Lets keep the creative power of collaboration alive and check out Shelly Bort's music on her site by clicking HERE.

Thank you Shelly for making us part of this wonderful collective expression of emotion!
Much love to you and Rosie!

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