I Want Your Sext!!

Saturday on our way to brunch we asked our friend Bjorn if he remembered getting his first cell phone EVER!!! This took us even further back in time, remembering when we used to have BEEPERS!! Beepers were these prehistoric pocket size devises that buzzed and beeped and displayed numbers on a little greenish gray screen - first used by doctors and drug dealers before the general public.

We would send each other numeric codes to show how fond of each other we were. 143!!!! Some got creative using codes like "555" which meant "I want Your SEX." This just goes to show you that you put technology in the hands of horny teens and they will find a way to use it to get laid.

Last year stuffy adults were making a huge deal about their kids "sexting." Don't get me started on Katie Couric's Note Book. Could she be any more of a buzz kill?

We understand that possibly according to the law, underage kids taking naked photos of themselves on their cell phones and sending them to other people may constitute as "child pornography," which we do not endorse but let us focus on sexting for the rest of us who are of legal age. Sexting can be fun!

We've never taken a naked photo of ourselves on our phone, mostly because there are already plenty of naked photos of us on the net, for example HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and of course the photo above to name a few. We are of the school of thought that if you are going to be photographed naked it's all about the lighting. This way you can always argue that they are "artistic" and not "pornographic" photos.

A few years ago we used to exchange extremely sensual messages with an out of state buddy . We won't lie, they were erotic enough to get us all worked up, if you know what I mean. *wink wink* This guy was the Shakespeare of sexting. He also sent us steamy pics of his man parts!!!

I encourage reading in any way possible, so receiving dirty texts to us simply translates to promoting literacy - and really, isn't that what REALLY matters?

We have nothing against folks that bare it all in front of their cell phone lens. After all, we sure are a big fan of the NSFW site GuysWithiPhones.com.

I mean look at this guy, or this one, or how about this one. Some of these guys workout hard to get those bodies. There is nothing wrong in taking a little pride in your workout efforts. Let them show it off I say! It's a confidence booster.

Now, if they need an little extra boost they can always give me a call, or better yet, sext me up

Have you ever sexted before? How do you feel about the issue?


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