Friday, August 13, 2010

K. Quief, The Technicolor FB Interview


Over the years we have been extremely fortunate to have met some incredibly creative and talented people. From Dolly Parton, Rupaul, and Perez Hilton, to up and coming internet musicians like David Choi.

We are often asked, "Adrian, how do you get these interviews?" To be honest we have no idea, we simply seem to be at the right place at the right time and most importantly we are not afraid to be rejected when we ask for an interview.

Recently we seem to have hit the jackpot again! This time via Facebook.

We had the honor to chat with the technicolor make-up artist and drag performer Kenya Quief.

Kenya reminded us how it feels to be fresh in New York City. The world is at your fingertips yet you don't know a soul. It takes guts, and THAT we admire. Many people say "One day I'm going to pack up and move to NY," but they never follow through. Kenya made it a reality.

Check out the colorful photos and the fun interaction below.

AA: Hi Kenya,
I love your pics.

KQ: Thanx Adrian! I sooo miss dressin up n performing on stage though! lol
...moved out here from LA 4 months ago....NY is tough man! lol giving myself 2 years here....and taking my ass back to LA! lol

AA: I hear ya sista, I moved to NY in Oct of 2002. NYC can be a pretty dry place but if you're crazy enough, and you have a plan you can find some nice, creative people to work with.
What's your show like?

KQ: Well, I do my own stuff on stage--I mean..I try to make it different as much as possible--that's why I have a beard and some HUGE glued on plastic eyebrows! lol most of the queens do Madonna,Gaga, Britney and others...I do MIKA, Queen, Culture Club...and so on.... I moved out here by myself—don’t know anybody, - I have always wanted to move to another city alone--just to see how its like--I've NEVER been separated from friends and family--so this is like really new to me and pretty scary @ the beginning--but getting used to it-


AA: Mika, Queen, Culture Club, so you like your pop with a bit of fun rock in it huh? Who would you F in the A: Mika, Freddy, or Boy George?

KQ: lol....definitely MIKA! Boy George was sooo hot back in the 80's when he was skinny--lol---just sayin!


AA: heehee, I'm with you on Mika... but shhhhh don't let Boy George hear you, he might get all coked up and tie you to a bed. lol
So what exciting thing do you have planned for the remainder of 2010?

KQ: lol...I think Boy learned his lesson-- Plans???? mmmmm...Well I have done enough exploring, shopping since my stay, now I’m concentrating on getting a job as a makeup artist/stylist--


AA: Have you heard of Bowieball?
Maybe you can do crowd makeovers, and get some leads and clients while you're at it.
I'm working with Deryck Todd on the new promo video for this year's Bowieball which I believe will be 10-10-10 something to think about maybe?

KQ: wow! my type of crowd! this is like a 2.0 version of Carnival w/ Amanda Lepore! Crowd makeovers??? ---sounds like a whole lotta fun! yea--why not??? Count me in. This is insane! I mean--I came across your blog @ my "OLD" non productive job for 10 years--and remembering visiting it like everyday and here I’am chatting with you--lol


Thank you so much Kenya for chatting it up with us. I'm sure we'll hang out soon!!! THIS CITY IS YOURS FOR THE TAKEN'. GET YOURS GIRL!!!

Make sure to click on the photos above to see a larger version of them. You have to see close up all the work that Kenya puts into the outfits. A+