Le Petite Mort

Here's an excerpt from the book we are writing.

ADRIAN: I’ve been thinking about the really important things in life
AMNESIA: oh yeah, like what?
ADRIAN: well, you now, like, why are we afraid of dying?
AMNESIA: oh that’s easy, because I don’t want anyone having sex with my dead body
ADRIAN: what?
AMNESIA: well yeah, if I die then that means I run the risk of another person sexing my dead body. That wouldn’t be very fun for me because I’ll be dead.
ADRIAN: Amnesia how is that different than someone having sex with you now?
AMNESIA: I don’t get it
ADRIAN: I’m not surprised
AMNESIA: And it would suck even more if the guy that has sex with my dead body is super hot.
ADRIAN: Amnesia if you’re not able to score a super hot guy while you’re alive what makes you think you’ll get one in death?
AMNESIA: what are we talking about?
ADRIAN: Deep questions in life.
AMNESIA: Right, is it ok for the living to screw the dead? I’m not for it… unless you buy me a coffin first.
ADRIAN: oh Amnesia, you are crazy.

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