My Divine Black Hole

An actual conversation with a friend over email

Me: I've already decided what I'm doing after I die. My spirit self is going to travel the world and when I'm done with earth my spirit is going to travel the Universe! Then when I'm done with the Universe I'm going to go into a black hole and see what's on the other side. It's going to be a trip of a lifetime! or I should say, death-time

Girlfriend: Nice. I am gonna haunt a few fucks, put a few things in order for my family, and then leave.

Me: lol. I hope your spirit self and my spirit self can hang out and have some fun together for a while before we move on. we can go into the Yankee's locker room and watch them take showers!!! FUN!!!

Girlfriend: I hope Jeter outlives me so I can go to his house too.

Me: eww, Jeter will be old by then. There will be hotter players then. mmmhmmm ;-) We are going to be such fun ghosts!!! YAY!

What are your plans, dear GF reader, for your afterlife?
While you ponder on that one, here's a nice tune.


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