Countryside is Not a Drag

October will make eight years since we moved to New York City. If you ever lived in New York you know that it can be a pretty serious and cold place. People seem to always be in a rush and they have no problem pushing you out of the way to get to their destination.

Naturally when our friend Bjorn asked if we were interested in slowing things down by visiting his sister up in the majestic New Hampshire countryside we could not resist.

There is something about being surrounded by nature that speaks to the heart. When you spend eight years packed like sardines in a concrete jungle you take basic human interaction for granted. You are reduced to sound bites.

This past weekend we went back to basics. No sound bites but full on storytelling. No television but walking through woods instead. And as soon as we arrived at 1:30am Friday night we saw three shooting stars in a row!!!!! The only stars you get to catch in New York are the ones you may read about on Although that may be exciting it doesn’t compare to the beauty of seeing space debris falling to earth at super sonic speed.

I’m not sure when was the last time you took a weekend vacation so we grabbed our camera and snapped a few shots for you.

We know things may be a little messed up in the world right now but try to get a little amnesia and for the next few minutes watch this video and have a little fun. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

When was the last vacation you took and where did you go?

To see photo slide show click HERE

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