Since it seems the policy known as "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" (DADT) is staying for a while longer why not include a clause in the policy that states that men and women in the military have to be in the closet regarding their affiliation or lack of with any religion? This means that if anyone finds out that you are either part of any religion, agnostic, or atheist they will have grounds to accuse you of "Telling" and thus be investigated and possibly be discharged for violating DADT.

Earlier today I was talking to a good friend regarding people's opinion in reference to DADT. And it struck me that the people in favor of keeping the policy in place rarely if ever acknowledge what the policy ACTUALLY is.

DADT is a policy put into place to get rid of someone you don't like from an institution you are in.

Lets say Mary is in the military and she never tells anyone she's gay, then it's harder to get rid of Mary if say Private Lucy has a personal vendetta against Mary. However, if Lucy accuses Mary of being gay or tells her superiors that she believes their might be some information in Mary's cell phone that is of national security, then Mary will be questioned and her superiors will go through her phone and personal items. If Mary has a photo of her girlfriend and herself kissing on her phone then Mary is screwed. BYE BYE MARY.

Of course we've heard the argument that if gay people served openly in the military then it could affect unit cohesion. You know what I think could also affect unit cohesion? Conflicting religious views.

After all, what Christian US soldier would want to serve side by side with a Jew, or worse, A MUSLIM? I would think serving next to a Muslim in the US Military affects unit cohesion a lot more than serving next to a non-Heterosexual.

If we are going to have a policy in place that allows discrimination lets level the playing field and make it so that anyone can be subject to discrimination and be discharged, not just one group of people who are willing to die for their country.

After all back in the day just about anyone could be acused of being a witch and be burned at the stake.

Or we could do what's right and get rid of DADT.


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