Do Women Belong in the Kitchen?

How you feel about women pretty much defines who you are. If you think men are better than women then you probably think that guys that dress as women are just as inferior as women. Do women belong in the kitchen, if so then where do cross dressers belong? BTW - "Up the butt" is not the correct answer...entirely

This past Wednesday I went to Andrew Belonsky's super secret VIP bday party. It was a lovely gathering. There, I met a fascinating character by the name of Jonathan. Jonathan brought not one, not two, but THREE cakes to the party! He bought them, he didn't bake them himself. After all, he's a man and men don't belong in the kitchen. *wink*

Jonathan and I got to chattin and he's from the school of thought where gender bending/cross dressing should be aggressive. He would love to bring back 80s punk and drugged up 90s club kids.

Naturally, you'd think we would hit it off since I run a site called but our style and opinions differed greatly. I like to see cross dressing as a spiritual and educational topic that can liberate a person through the sheer delight of wearing clothes of the opposite sex. He on the other hand, much rather cross dressing be about spectacle, rebellion, and for it to remain with an element of shame.

"Rebellion, spectacle, and chaos, had it's time in the 80s and 90s but I think we are past that now," I found myself saying. I think it's time to use gender expression as a tool to bring people together instead of alienating them simply because society dubs them as being different, extravagant, and/or weird (FREAKS). And we should especially NOT place SHAME on those who do and/or express desire to cross dress.

Cross dressing has been viewed as deviant, obscene, and simply disgusting by folks that give the actual experience little thought. They like their men to be men and women to be women, placing folks in traditional boxes that make life easier for them. The problem with that viewpoint is their lack of respect for those individuals who don't fit within their traditional boxes. Too often we hear of cross dressers being terrorized and killed simply because of the clothes they wear. Why? It is this traditional mentality of "women should stay in the kitchen and men should wear the pants and not skirts," that kills.

This post got really dark all of the sudden, didn't it?

It was great to debate with Jonathan. I enjoy talking to folks that have a different opinion than myself. Our interaction reminded me that there is still a great deal of work to be done and conversations to be had before we can be accepting of what seems to be something so harmless as a man wearing women's clothes: this perhaps because society still sees woman as the "weaker sex," which I suppose they are if they are not having these types of conversations with their friends and family. Oh yeah, that was a dare ladies *wink*

What do you think, should cross dressers be aggressive, loud and create spectacles like some drag queens do, or should they come out of the shadows and conduct themselves in a respectful and gentle way educating others of how if feels to wear women's clothes?


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