Duct Tape Is So In!

The above photo is of kids in their prom attire made out of duct tape! Although, they are amazing pieces of work, can you imagine how long it must have taken them?

If someone told you that making clothes out of Duct Tape is what the kids are doing these days you'd probably ask what drugs they are on and where to get them.

Our friend Melissa Balan found one of these duct tape druggies and questioned her in a fascinating documentary piece.

Watch this charming video and check out the sweet rainbow prom dress and tux jacket in it.

If you get inspired remember that you still have time to make your Halloween costume this year out of duct tape.

Of course if you are a bit on the lazy side you can always go with the below option

I would suggest getting a Brazilian wax BEFORE putting on those duct tape panties because if you don't get rid of the hair before putting them on.... well, you'll get rid of the hair one way or the other I suppose. eeekkkk!!!

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