Keep Your Head Held High

Today's viewer mail comes from an awesome dude who shares with us how he started cross dressing and how it made him feel.

I applaud his courage!

Dear Amnesia,

I never thought i'd be doing something like this... cuz the idea of crossdressing and stuff seemed like a thing that i wasn't, cuz of the way it's portrayed... crossdressing seems to be associated a lot with homosexuality. but when i first started, i don't even know why i did it... i was bored, home alone, so i looked for something to do.

i started it off with small clothing, then started progressing into more clothes, and eventually some makeup. i felt sorta ashamed of myself cuz i felt like a "sissy" and i didn't wanna visualize myself as that. i didn't do it often, until i started using makeup, which made me feel a little more ashamed cuz i couldn't imagine what people would think of me if they found out, but it just felt kinda nice to crossdress. it gave me an interesting kind of sexual pleasure.

The reason why i feel so strange about this is because i am a very straight guy. i don't feel uncomfortable being a guy, i feel good being born a dude. i really enjoy doing "manly" things like play guitar, skateboarding, video games, and i watch a lot of guy shows, and stuff too like "manswers".

again, i'm straight; about as straight as they come. i'm not at all attracted to men, or men parts. but i find a lot of beauty in women. their figure, their hair, eyes, all very attractive. i suppose maybe my sexual attraction to women made me want to see what it's like to look like one... but i dunno. i tended to do it a lot during the spring when school was at its toughest, but throughout most of the summer, i only got the urge to do it once or twice. is it mostly a kind of thing that people do to relieve stress? for me, it's just a really fun sexual experience, but everything else i do is not "girly" at all.

do you know why i'm like this? are there many other people like me that are straight that crossdress? i haven't told anybody i know about this, but i did get caught a couple times throughout all the times i've done it. i don't believe my parents know that i like to crossdress, or even wear makeup, but they know i have "experimented" with girls' clothes. i'd be too embarrassed to admit this to anyone i know, but i really wanted to talk to someone about this that does the same thing. i'm comfortable aditting this to you cuz you obviously know these kinds of things. it feels nice to tell this to someone finally.



I wrote back a very long email to him which I won't post because I want to keep it special just for B, but the gist of it was:

"If there is one thing I would say to you is that THERE IS NO REASON WHY YOU SHOULD EVER FEEL ASHAMED OF CROSS DRESSING."

Thanks B for writing in to us at GF.

There are millions of cross dressers out there and we got your back! Keep your head high and your heels even higher!!!

I'm sending you a warm hug my brother/sister.

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