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Yesterday, before watching the season premier of America's Next Top Model, a friend came over and told me he is finally moving out of his abusive and manipulating boyfriend's apartment. YOU GO GIRL!!! Cue Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive."

While chit chatting, he asked me how GenderFun was doing and I filled him in on the latest. So far GF videos have raised over $300 for charity! Not bad at all.

We also discussed the fact I had recently learned that there might be over 9 million male to female cross dressers in the United States.

"Oh girl, that's a lot of competition," he exclaimed
To which I automatically replied something like
"You mean, those are over 9 million new friends to get to know."

Don't get me wrong, competition can be lots of fun, after all, what would most reality TV shows be if they weren't competing for a grand prize like in America's Next Top Model, Project Runway, Top Chef, etc. However, in the real REAL world not everything has to be a competition.

Sure, I'm part of a group of 9 million cross dressers in the United States, but I'm also one of an estimated 44 million Hispanics in the US. Am I supposedly competing against them as well? Am I also competing against the over 134 million Men in the US? That's just silly.

GenderFun is all about sharing of yourself and the human experience, whether male, female, or anyone in-between. It's not about being better than someone else, it's about being better than you used to be.

If that's too fluffy for you and you want some drama then feel free to go after the guy who left a "Fag" comment on Amnesia's "Libra" video. Personally, I rather leave only nice comments and feature videos that I like instead of wasting my time fighting Internet haters.

Speaking of focusing on what I like instead of the haters LOOK AT THESE SHOES!!!!! A work of art!

These are Lady Claude Strass Burma with Jonquil and Platine stones. They are goldish crystals that are iridescence and have blue hues.

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