Tragic Movie, I Mean Love Story

This past Friday I saw the first of the Twilight movies. I tried to stay away for as long as I could but when a friend pulled out the DVD I just couldn't resist. Now I understand why some women go crazy for this series.

I'm not a huge fan of tragic love stories. Possibly because years ago I had a long term relationship with an illegal alien. As you can imagine it didn't end well.

Twilight is a tragic love story the likes of Romeo and Juliet... well, with werewolves and vampires tossed in there. I didn't read the books and probably wont since the writer is a Mormon just like my illegal ex-boyfriend. Something tells me the series doesn't have a happy ending and I like my movies to end on a good note.

That said, if you know how the series ends by all means let me know. If it ends on a happy note I might give the rest of the movies a try. After all, I am curious to see how Bella gets herself out of that mess. Girlfriend should have known that falling in love with a vampire is like dating a guy in the mafia. Once you're in it is very difficult to get out of it alive.

All I know is that Edward is no good for Bella. Wait, I mean Bella is no good for Edward.

I'm not saying I'm team Jacob either. The guy is half dog. I know men are supposed to be dogs and all, but come on.

I know that when it comes to falling in love you have very little control over your emotions but girlfriend got herself in a big ol mess. I guess there's a little Bella in all of us. But really, who wants a blood sucking boyfriend? Vampires suck, literally *wink*

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