Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Under Eye Bags Be Gone!!!


Today's viewer mail comes from a rock star down in South Florida.

Lu says:


I am a singer with a band in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. Lately I have been having problems with bags under my eyes especially on stage with only overhead lighting, so I got on youtube to see how drag makeup artists work. I figured if they can cover a five o'clock shadow, I can learn how to cover bags!

I thought you did a wonderful job! Can you tell me how to cover the under-eye bags so that I don't look like death on stage when the lighting is bad?

I've been seeing Kryolon makeup and the use of clown white under the eyebrows. I was wondering if that would work on the bags. Can you help?




Thanks Lu for writing in. Bags are a pain in the butt. If only getting rid of them was as simple as checking in our bags at the airport.

You will find many techniques and products out there.

I'll tell ya what I personally use.

At night before I go to sleep I tap using my ring finger Sothys - Active Contour Age Defying Cream seen below.

This cream has ingredients that help flatten and stretch out the under eye area.

I don't use it every night because it does contain caffeine which as you can imagine will dehydrate the area over time. However, you can apply it the night before one of your concerts and it should do the trick.

Another tightening secret is to apply Preparation H the night before. This is an old school modeling tip. Again, this is only to be use when needed and not every night.

To cover the area before you go on stage apply your daily eye moisturizer, and then using your ring or middle finger and tap some Dermacolor Foundation on the area.

Dermacolor Foundation

This is a foundation that is very thick and designed to cover tattoos and scars. Performers use this because it stays on even under the hot stage lights. It's a bit pricy but one container will last you forever. It's an investment worth making.

I suggest you get a shade lighter than your normal skin tone.

I've checked these products for toxicity levels over at www.cosmeticsdatabase.com and they are middle of the road. They won't kill you but they are also products you don't want to use every day.

If you have suggestions for Lu please include them in the comments below.

Hope this helps you Lu.
Thanks again for writing in.