Monday, October 18, 2010

The Business of Hope


Last month I attended a presentation titled "Global Economic Outlook" during which we were shown a very eye opening chart.

Emerging Markets Sustain Global Economy

The chart titled "Emerging Markets Sustain Global Economy" gave a glimpse of the past economy, the current state we are in, and a possible future economy.

It showed the economic dip of 2001 after the dot com bubble burst.

It also showed how things started improving around 2003 and how they got much much better by 2006
The housing market fiasco of 2008.
2009 was the worst year in over a decade.

As you can imagine this terrible decline does a number on the collective morale.

With that in mind, the other day I received an email from a friend who expressed her frustration with the media's coverage of last month's numerous teen and young adult suicides.

As heart wrenching and depressing as the past month has been I think there is a great deal of positive that can come out of these hard times.

I think a big part of focusing our attention on these suicides is to help people wake up - to jump start again - kinda like rebooting a computer - rebooting The Collective American/World Consciousness.

Young people committing suicide speaks to the human psyche - it sounds the alarm - it reminds us that our future is at stake and that we need to keep Hope alive. Adults need to set an example by not just telling kids that "It Gets Better" but by taking action in their own lives to better the future of their communities. Not just for themselves but for future generations.

While George W. Bush was in office the theme seemed to be fighting to protect FREEDOM and the American way from outside Terrorist threat. The new theme TODAY seems to be fighting to keep HOPE alive from internal threats of human despair.

Remember the Obama HOPE poster

Obama ran on "HOPE" and "CHANGE" these are concepts each of us has to come to terms with so that each of us can manifest positive change. It's not simply enough to elect officials and expect them to fix all our problems. We must do our part. We must know within ourselves that LIFE IS WORTH LIVING.

The time for asking "WHY" is over. It is NOW time to ask ourselves "HOW" will I contribute to making a positive change? "WHAT" will I bring to the table, and "WHOM" will I join in the quest to make the quality of life better not just for ourselves but for future generations.

A good place to start is to get rid of DOMA and DADT. Not only will it give the next generation hope, it is the right thing to do.