Caught in the Act

Today's viewer mail comes from the lovely Eleanor in England. Eleanor is on her transition journey! WOOT WOOT!
We understand that there are a lot of serious things to consider while transitioning so I went the opposite direction and asked Eleanor:

What would you say is the funniest or most fun thing about your transition journey thus far?

Her answer was super cute:

Hmm the funniest thing... I took some rather provocative pictures of myself wearing various outfits, like a sailor outfit, et cetera. Anyway, my buddy who has no clue that I'm trans, since this was before I was 'out', walks into my apartment. I fire up my web browser and hit up deviantArt, to check for messages. There's this monitor filling image of me on all fours looking rather sexual. I wanted to crawl under a rock soooo bad. He thought it was hilarious and had that sort of "I KNEW IT" look on his face...

How cool is it that Eleanor's friend was cool with her being trans?
It's fun stories like her's that goes to show you the world ain't all bad.

Thanks Eleanor for sharing you are super awesome!!!

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