Friday, October 22, 2010

Dirty Glee


By now you've probably seen the GQ photos of three of the Glee cast members. Don't the girls look great? I'm a little disapointed though.

I know GQ is a magazine for men but I would have liked some of the male cast members shirtless in the spread as well. Especially that new blonde guy. Oh Yeah!

You've also probably heard that some folks are making a stink about how the photos are inapropriet because "It borders on pedophilia"

To that I have two things to say. Have you seen the show? It's full of sexual content. They grind up against each other in practically every musical number. OH yeah, and one of the characters was knocked up in the first season!!! HELLO! It's not like these teens and teens watching this show are not aware of sex.

Also, if we were to get all technical even though the actresses playing these characters are in their twenties, the show apperantly takes place in Ohio where the age of consent is 16 years old. So technically and probably any grown man could date these fine characters. Just sayin.

So before screaming "pedophilia" how about you ask the creators of the show how old these characters are supposed to be AND when will we see a photo spread of the boys shirtless in Vogue?