Get This Thing Out Of Me!

Looks like people are ready to talk about abortion again. After all, it is a KILLER subject.

What, too soon?

The above video has gone viral. Watch it and you'll see why.
Pretty painful to watch right?
I feel for that poor guy and his wife.

I've had a long discussion today with one of my friends who is a single mother of a child who needed a liver transplant. Not only did she give birth to him out of wedlock she THEN saved his life by donating part of her liver! SHE IS ONE CRAZY BITCH RIGHT? Mother of the fucking year if you ask me.

I'm not sure if my opinion on abortion counts being that I'm a gay man. The chances of me getting a woman pregnant are very low and the chances of me getting pregnant... well, that's just not going to happen. I wouldn't want to ruin my figure.

I will say this though: I think ALL women with the ability to bring a child into this world need to be educated as to what the ABORTION experience feels like.

I think the following two videos should give them an idea.


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