Saturday, October 23, 2010

Room For Vanity

Picture 1

Boy oh boy, its been non stop it seems. I moved into a new studio space earlier this month and been fixing it up. It's slowly becoming the hot new Gender Fun headquarters.

Today was an exciting day. The NEW Vanity arrived (photo above) !!! WOOT WOOT!!

I took the below self-portrait to test the vanity lighting. Oh Vanity.
Man in the Mirror

A few days ago I finished putting together a CD Curtain. I made it out of 225 of my old CDs. It took me something like 30 hours but it was well worth it. Amnesia might make a tutorial on how to make a CD Curtain, that is if there is a large interest.
cd curtain

Wait till you see the new 40x30 photo on canvas we had specially made for the studio! YOU ARE GOING TO DIE!!!!

More to come.