A Boy Named Daphne

Did you hear the story of the mom blogger who allowed her 5 year old boy to dress up as Daphne from Scooby Doo for Halloween? (picture above)

Seems some concerned parents were outraged that a mother would allow such a thing.

I think children experimenting with clothes, toys, and games of the opposite gender is a great way to teach them about gender roles. And a child cross dressing during Halloween is a great way for him/her to learn what it feels like to cross gender roles in public.

That being said this MSNBC article raises a few questions about what parents should and should not share about their kids on the Internet.

My first reaction to this article was "did this reporter just now learned about this thing called the Internet?"

I understand what the article was trying to say. It's one thing to go on the Internet and upload information about yourself, it's a whole other story to be talking about/sharing information about someone else.

Did you ever read the novel or watch the movie "1984"? We are basically living in a alternate universe of that story. It's really hard to escape the fact that pretty much anyone at any time can share information TO THE ENTIRE WORLD about anyone else. For all we know the government may be keeping a great big file with all our information. "This will go on your permanent record!!!"

Unless they instate laws stating that adults cannot share information about children people will continue to share stories and photos of children on the Internet, regardless of how this may negatively affect the child in the future.

This is simply the way of life in the Internet age.

Going back to the mom blogger, she makes some good points on her blog about her child's first public cross-dressing experience. She did a good job of showing how prejudice people can be towards a harmless little boy in a dress.

It should be interesting to see how this child will feel about this story once he's a teenager. Will he be as proud as his mother was or will he feel ashamed? I guess we'll have to check back in 10 years.

If you had kids would you share on the Internet stories and photos of them in public places for the whole world to judge you and your child?

Would you video tape your child all drugged up for every one's entertainment like Dave's dad did (see below)?

"Is this going to last forever?"

What would I have done if I were in mom blogger's shoes? Would I have blogged about my son's first public cross-dressing experience?

I think I would have done the same.

I think it's ok to share on the Internet stories about family members that take place in a PUBLIC setting like this story did. Because the child was seen in public she is free to defend her choice to allow her son to dress as a girl.

Of course, she might be using her kid's cross-dressing experience to promote her blog but she IS presenting her child's decision to cross dress as his own CHOICE and not as something she chose for him. She simply agreed to honor and defend her son's wishes.

Now, if the child is at home dressing like a girl and she blogs about it then that's a different story. AND if the child didn't want to dress as a girl and she forced him to do so just so that she could write about it on her blog then yes, that would be pretty shitty on her part.

So far as its been presented I don't think she did anything wrong under the circumstances. In the end she simply chose to share a story on the Internet about what happened the day her son chose to dress as a girl for Halloween in public and how it made people react. I think there is a lot to take away from this story.

ps - This kid looks super adorable!

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