Monday, November 29, 2010

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Today's viewer mail and photo submission comes all the way from the romance capital of the world, PARIS!!!!
Tiffany sends us a lovely story to go with the visuals.
It's a fun and beautiful story of fantasy come to life.

Thank you Tiffany.

Hi Everybody Tout le monde ;)
I'm Tiffany from Paris in France.

I am very happy to have find Genderfun
and it's a great pleasure for me to send you
some littles pictures for your "submit photo gallery".

Sorry for my english, i didn't practice since a long time ;) lol

You are so pretty and i love you


Close your eyes for a moment, breathe, and imagine the scene.


Once upon a time ,
in a very cutty place,
an Auberge housed in a former farmhouse
on the edge of the "Vallée de Chevreuse",
a beautiful man walks along the place ...

(Yes it's always a beautiful man , isn't it ;) lol)

The place is calm,
birds are in trees
noone around
a cold sunny day of november
He closes his eyes
and his little voice comes to him.

Far from inside him,
she opens the gate of his mind
and a extraordinary sentiment of pleasure
invaded him .

Opening his eyes, on the parking,
he saw the shadow of his body ...
her shadow .


He slowly walked around the park,
passed a door window
and looking suggestively the image in it.
She was here . He had seen her ...
He was quite exiting.


Closing his eyes,
he invokes a fairy and wished that the dream became true.

The magic flew through his blood,in the body,
his heart throbbed .
A bit of panic swept over her
but happiness was so intense while she opens her eyes.

She was reborn ...
extraordinarily happy.

The Shadow is She
and She is the Shadow....



Thanks for your blog, to be you.
Thanks for making real our deepest desires.

Weeee loveeeee you, Amnesia )

Thanks Adrian )

(Oups, i forgot the adress of the hotel in france , if you come one day ; )

Great Hugs )