Few of My Favorite Things

They say Rome wasn't built in day. I'm not building Rome but I sure am putting together a studio where you'll be free to be a gladiator if you so wish. Or you can be a Greek Goddess. Whatever floats your boat.

Here's a room I'm almost done putting together. It's the "study/lounge."

I still have to stretch the canvas and place it on wooden bars but you get the idea.

Here's the breakdown

A) One of the "Transformation" photos
B) Some of my original art work
C) Photo I took at Invasion of the Pines 2009 on Canvas 40x30 of a older man ballerina.
D) Vintage sex photo of Amnesia taken by my cousin Veronika
E) My Coconut Creek High School diploma. HA!
F) Amnesia shoes from this photo I took years ago
G) The board game Operation. lol


I wasn't thrilled with the tile floor that the space came with so I got a lovely sheepskin rug. It is heaven to walk barefoot on it. Heck, you can lay naked on it! Divine!

I also made a super sweet CD curtain with 225 of my old CDs. If you're interested in seeing it and the new Vanity click HERE

That's the latest update. Will show ya the "Vanity Room" soon as I finish it later this month.

Putting a room together, such as this one, is quite the challenge. You must walk the fine line between satisfying your own taste and making it esthetically pleasing and engaging for a visitor. I think I'm almost satisfied with the former :-)

*Chair, black table, white shelves, lamp: Ikea
**Sheepskin: Sears
***Pillow: Urban Outfitters

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