Have You Ever Been the Mistress?

Would you have sex with someone with whom you've had amazing sex in the past BUT who is now in a monogamous relationship?

Consider the fact that sex with this person is DYNOMITE. I'm talking about every time you have sex with this person you end up a little retarded.

I once knew a girl who was sleeping with her married coworker who had an eight month pregnant wife at home. I didn't judge her for being a mistress, but when she came to me and mentioned her situation I remember telling her that she was playing with fire.

I myself played the roll of a mistress once knowing very well that the guy was taken BUT I did it also knowing I was the excuse he needed to get out of his unhappy relationship. I knew it would be eaiser for him to part ways with his boyfriend if his boyfriend knew he was unfaithful. Maybe not the best note in which to end a relationship but it sure sends a clear message saying, it's over.
If I didn't play the mistress role in that particular situation I'm pretty sure he would have found someone else to take the role. Plus, at the time I was not about to pass up having sex with a mega hottie. I was young an horny, sorry.

So, if they asked you to have sex with them would you have sex with someone you used to have amazing sex with knowing they are currently in a monogamous relationship?

Recently I found myslef having to answer this question when I was propositioned by a very sexy guy I dated back in 2003.

Here is the road I chose to take this time. This is what I told him:

well, there is no doubt that you + me + naked in bed has always equaled totally awesome times for me

that being said

I've played the part of the "mistress" before and I don't think it would be fair to your boyfriend, ya know?

Now, if he's cool with us fooling around then that's another story, and if he wants to join in as well, then I think I may be able to swing with that so long as I don't drink too much like last time* ;-)

What would you do in this situation? And remember, we are talking about mind blowing sex here ;-)

Also, if you're going to have a mistress, DO NOT give her another woman's ring! CHILD PLEASE!!!!!!!

*I was so drunk and nervous before my first threesome that I threw up before ever getting started. yeah, pretty embarrassing lol

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