The Art of Beauty

Picture 1
(art by Gabriela Badilla)

Gabriela Badilla is a beautiful artist.
Her work will be shown as part of GLBT ART FUSION FESTIVAL December 11th 8pm a festival of art, with dance, literature and visual as well.

All the artists had to produce their art work with gay theme (dignifying and celebrating the diversity). Gabriella subject is the creative process in the boy-into-a girl transformation.

I am honored that she picked me as her model. I am truly deeply touched.

Picture 2
(art by Gabriela Badilla)

How I wish I could attend.
If you are in Mexicali (border of Mexico and California) please check out Gabriella's wonderful work.

Picture 4
(art by Gabriela Badilla)

Gabriella's work was inspired by The Transformation video I did a few years ago (below).

I love her paintings. SHE is an inspiration!
This is what art is all about. A chain of inspiration that keeps going and going and going.

Whenever I'm at my lowest, whenever I feel ugly and stupid, whenever I forget that I matter, whenever I beat myself up and feel like a failure, I get a case of Amnesia and forget all my worries. Amnesia helps me remember how beautiful life can be.

One of life's greatest beauty is the ability to inspire one another, to bring the best in us out. Gabriella Badilla knows just how to do that with her art.

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