Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Doing Winter in Style

Today's photo submission comes from a very suphisticated viewer from Germany. I'm totally digging Ermelyn's style. Everything is working, from the short hair to the dark lipstick. I love the blue sweater dress! It's sexy and stylish. Well done Ermelyn.

Thank you for your submission Ermelyn. You are fabulous!

Ermelyn writes:

My Hobby or Fetish (or what you want call it) developed in my teenage Years.
Long Time it was very confusing to me that i sometimes want to dress like a Woman.
But after Time and a Heart Disease i have learned that i have to accept me just like i am.
Offcourse my "Hobby" is not very helpfull to get a Relationship to a Woman, but maybe ... in Time ...
who knows.

Others dress up like some Science-Fiction Charakters or collecting some Erotic-Magazines under thier Bed.
I am, opposed to this, just dressing like a Woman sometimes - and that is OK too!

With Love,